Almandite Garnet

Platinum Spessartite Garnet Ring in a solitaire MountingBeautiful Deep Red Hues

Almandite is an aluminum garnet. Almandite garnet also has the same color ranges as Pyorpe garnet. Almandite garnet can be red, orangey red, purplish red or even a strongly reddish purple. Almandite garnet gets its color from iron. Most Almandite garnet tends to be dark in color and is typically used in mass market production jewelry and is affordably priced. Almandite garnet is amongst the most common garnet in the world and is found in Brazil, Mozambique, Myanmar, and Thailand. Due to its dark color, almandite garnet is often cut to make the garnet appear lighter. This means larger faceted almandite garnet is most often cut very flat to allow light to pass through the garnet rather than the almandite garnet absorbing the light giving it an almost black appearance. This shallow cutting results in what commonly referred to as a window. Almandite garnet (and all precious and semi precious gemstones) with a “window” are less desirable than a garnet of a comparable color without the window and are therefore less valuable. Almandite garnet is a 7-7.5 on the Moh’s harness scale. This makes it an excellent choice for use in all types of jewelry. Most gemstones, including Almandite garnet, will show some abrasions and minor signs of wear if set in a ring that is worn frequently. Due to its availability and affordability it is often less expensive to replace Almandite garnet than it is to have it re polished. Almandite garnet is suitable for use in garnet rings, garnet bracelets, garnet earrings, and garnet necklaces.

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