Charitable Work


Meals on Wheels Greater San Diego, Inc

logo of the Meals-On-Wheels Foundation, one of charities that Oceanside Jewelers donates to.
Charlotte Fan, Manager

...I wish you and the members of BNI Encinitas a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year.... all of our North County clients will begin to receive a lovely holiday gift box packed with wonderful gift items from our donors. Thankyou for contributing to this years holiday box project...

 North County Community Services

Food bank and child development services  

logo of North County Community Services, one of the charities that Oceanside Jewelers donates to.

Stan Miller, Executive Director

...the board of directors and staff at North County Community Services expressing our deepest gratitude for the most generous gifts you recently made in support of our organization... support our efforts to educate young children, support working families, and feed the hungry in Northern San Diego County...

Father Joe's Villages

logo of Father Joe's Villages, one of the charities that Oceanside Jewelers gives to.

Sister Patricia Cruise, SC
... We are able to help those in our community because of your remarkable generosity... Wtih the help of friends like you, we continue to transform the lives of hundreds of people every day. Again on behalf of all those whose lives you've helped change, thank you

Oceanside Athletic Booster Club

 Oceanside Pirates Athletic Boosters logo, one of the charities that Oceanside Jewelers donates to.

...thank you for the generous gift to our fundraiser... was a huge success and would not have been possible without your help. The funds raised will be used to benefit all the student athletes at Oceanside High School...




  California Homeless Resources is a website dedicated to providing information on local resources for homeless and economically at risk persons and families. You'll find Oceanside Jewelers listed under resources in the Oceanside area. For more info about California Homeless Resources and the project's founder, Matthew S. Kennedy, visit the site at

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