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   Benchmark Rings

   Oceanside Jewelers is proud to announce that we now carry a full line of Benchmark Rings for Men and Women. With an intense focus to detail, Benchmark produces modern and traditional wedding bands to the highest possible standard of craftsmanship and quality.  These die-struck rings are compressed from a solid blank of metal, making an extremely well-made, solid, and durable product, and every ring comes with lifetime maintenance and warranty from Benchmark.  

   The full range of Benchmark products encompasses a variety of traditional and modern styles, many of them available in several different materials; from precious metals like Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and White, Yellow, and Rose Gold, as well as contemporary metals like Cobalt and Tungsten. Many styles are also available in several finishes or with traditional or black diamonds. With this many possibilities, Benchmark makes it easy to find a ring as unique your love!  


  For more information, feel free to browse Benchmark site here, or stop by Oceanside Jewelers to experience these excellent rings!


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