Hessonite Garnet

Variations of Yellows and OrangesPlatinum Spessartite Garnet Ring in a solitaire Mounting

     Hessonite garnet belongs to the group of garnets that contain calcium as part of their chemical composition. Hessonite garnet's yellow orange color is derived from trace amounts of iron and manganese. Unlike Spessertite garnet, an aluminum garnet of similar color variations, which is usually a very clean crystal, hessonite garnet is normally very included.

   Hessonite garnet is found in India, Sri Lanka and Brazil amongst other places and is commonly found in conjunction with Tsavorite in a few specific mines in Kenya and Tanzania. Due to its heavily included nature hessonite garnet may be more commonly cut into cabochon shapes rather than faceted gemstones and even though it is reasonably priced and quite durable with a MOH's hardness of 7 it is not commonly used in fine garnet jewelry.

   Visually Hessonite garnet can be described as having a heat wave effect. This effect on the light passing through the gemstone is also said to resemble scotch when mixed with watter. Although large Hessonite garnets are available the numerous inclusions in Hessonite garnet make the stone less desirable and in turn less valuable. Some good quality hessonite garnet is mined in Mexico which displays a more desirable yellow color with a little bit cleaner and less included crystals.


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