Malaya Garnet

Platinum Spessartite Garnet Ring in a solitaire Mounting
Natural Pinkish Orange Beauty

     Malaya garnet is a garnet that contains aluminum in its chemical makeup. Malaya garnet is chemically a mixture of pyrope garnet and spessartite garnet predominately as well as a bit of almandite garnet. Malaya garnet is a pinkish orange to reddish orange and gets its color from both iron and manganese. Malaya Garnet got the name from a Swahili word meaning outcast. Malaya garnet is so named due to the fact that when stone buyers would sort through parcels of rough rhodolite garnet they would reject malaya garnet which was considered a less desirable color and stood out when mixed in with rhodolite garnet. Today malaya garnet is gaining popularity and is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a beautiful colored stone that’s more unique and less well known. Malaya garnet is a 7-7.5 on the mohs hardness scale meaning it is a fairly durable gemstone best suited for use in a garnet pendent or in garnet earrings. Set into the proper setting and worn with care Malaya garnet can be enjoyed in a garnet ring. As with the case of all garnets they are subject to wear and tear and may over time need to be removed from its setting and be re-polished. Malaya garnet, like most garnet, is seldom if ever treated making it a good choice for anyone who wants a totally natural pinkish orange to orange red stone.

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