Spessartite Garnet

Platinum Spessartite Garnet Ring in a solitaire Mounting
Beautiful Sunset Rich Orange Yellows

     Spessartite garnet contains aluminum as part of its chemical makeup. Spessartite garnet can range in color from brownish red to orange to yellow, from light to dark and anywhere in between. Manganese and small traces of iron are what give spessartite garnet its exceptionally brilliant and unique color. The most sought after color for spessartite garnet is a medium to medium dark yellow orange that is also slightly reddish. Unlike pyrope garnet and almandite garnet spessartite garnet can be cut into large stones without looking too dark. Historically, spessartite garnet production was very limited and to erratic for spessartite garnet to be a main stream gemstone. For this reason spessartite garnet and especially spessartite garnet jewelry was not very common and was known only to serious gemstone collectors until new discoveries in the 1990s made spessartite garnet much more readily available. Today spessartite garnet is found in Sri Lanka, Zambia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Namibia Madagascar and Brazil. Deposits in Brazil can produced rough stones large enough to produce finished spessartite garnet gemstones of up to 40 carts. Spessartite garnet is a 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale meaning it can hold up fairly well to wear and tear. Spessartite garnet's durability combined with its vibrant color make it an especially desirable gemstone for use in jewelry. Spessartite garnet earrings and spessartite garnet pendants can provide their owner with a lifetime of beautiful wear while a spessartite garnet ring, as beautiful as it will be must be worn with care and the garnet may occasionally need to be removed from its setting and be re-polished. Today spessartite is especially popular with designers and is often used in designer jewelry for its vibrant color.

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