Custom Diamond Jewelry

Custom Diamond Jewelry

Unlike large chain stores, Oceanside Jewelers specializes in finding you a ring that suits your style and daily wear.  With thousands of loose diamonds in stock and countless available mountings and styles, there are endless ways of creating a ring uniquely tailored to you, no matter what your budget! 

Searching for an engagement ring can be an overwhelming experience, below we’ve outlined some of the most important aspects of your ring to take into consideration; selecting the center stone, design and setting, and daily wear and lifestyle. 

Gemstone Color and Quality

The reason we encourage customers to think about gemstone color first when making  custom designed diamond rings or other jewelry is that color is the most noticeable property of a gemstone, and you want to be happy wearing the color you choose. There are always multiple choices of gemstones in any particular color, and the particular gemstones you choose will be determined by your lifestyle and your budget. You don't have to sacrifice gemstone color because you think you can’t afford it; there are always ways to get you a stone that you will love in the color you want. 

Your lifestyle and the gemstone’s durability come into play together. If you will be wearing your rings or other jewelry while playing sports or doing outdoor activities, you may want to choose a more durable gemstone, or design the ring so it is more protected. 

Handcrafted Jewelry and your budget 

At Oceanside Jewelers we always give consideration to your budget, and there are myriad ways that you can design with gemstones and get something you love in the color you want that is within your budget. In our showroom we have close to ten thousand loose gemstones available to give you ideas for size, shape and color of gemstones that can be used in a variety of ways as part of a custom designed jewelry piece made just for you. 

Fine Gemstone Selection

Just a few examples of the kinds of gemstones we design with are: diamonds, sapphires and rubies, which are highly durable; emerald and tanzanite; tourmaline and garnet in every color; rutilated quartz, green quartz, and other colored stones. 

You also have choices when it comes to the type of setting you want for your diamond rings or other jewelry. Some of the many styles of diamond setting and stone setting techniques used in diamond rings and gemstone rings include traditional settings such as the 4-prong setting and 6-prong setting sometimes referred to as a tiffany setting. Another style is a bezel setting with a raised edge completely enclosing the gems so they are well protected against damage. This is an excellent option for colored precious gems and cabochon cut gemstones which are usually cut in a dome shape. 

Diamond and Gemstone SettingsDiamond and Gemstone Settings 

Some setting techniques are best suited for more durable gemstones like sapphire and diamond but also can be applied to other gemstones. Those techniques include channel set diamonds and pave set diamonds. Channel set diamonds are set into a groove or channel cut into the precious metal or gold design. Pave setting also known as bead setting is where the diamonds are set into a carefully cut and tooled pattern of tiny beads which gracefully hold the diamonds. Pave setting is an art similar to hand engraving that is rapidly becoming lost in today’s world of mass production. 

When creating custom diamond jewelry, diamond rings or other jewelry we can also work with existing stones that you may have from a family heirloom, polishing and recutting them as needed and then incorporating them into a new design, and we can even supply additional stones to complement them. 

When designing custom rings or other jewelry with diamonds and gemstones, Master Jewelry Designer Chad Elliott works with you to create a design that has the look that you want, including pairing your gemstones for color, size and balance for a result that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

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On Google+ “Chad Elliot made a beautiful custom jewelry necklace for me onsite in his Oceanside store. He does design and manufacturing in the store, and he was kind enough to show me his workbench and laser (a lot of technology goes into jewelry nowadays!). The necklace was much more affordable than it would've been at the mall. I like supporting independent affordable jewelry stores locally! Chad is a talented Oceanside jeweler. We are lucky to have him.">

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