Diamond Engagement
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A diamond engagement ring is one of the biggest and most complicated purchases one can make.  Not only are you selecting a unique symbol for your love and marriage that will last a lifetime, but you may also be trying to a good value in product you may not know a whole lot about. After all, everyone has a decent idea what value in a home or car looks like, but many  don’t know what to look for in a diamond.  A ring in a may look very flashy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean its highly valuable or even well made. At Oceanside Jewelers, we believe informed customers are satisfied customers. Rather than trying to push the most expensive item in the showcase, we work with you to create a one of a kind piece of the highest quality.

Diamonds are almost always the most expensive and important component of any engagement ring. Rather than limiting you to pre-mounted stones in a showcase, we keep thousands of loose diamonds on dand, allowing you to hand select stones within your parameters of size, quality, and budget. You’ll be able to compare differences in clarity, color, and cut, and with a GIA graduate gemologist on staff to explain the inctricacies of diamond grades, you’ll be able to make the best descision possible. 

Instead of taking your chances at a retail store, stop by the real jewelry experts at Oceanside Jewelers, and allow us to make you the perfect diamond engagement ring!

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My husband came to Chad to have my dream engagement ring custom made. He (my husband and Chad) did an amazing job! When it came time to get a matching wedding band made, he sat down with me and gave me a few different ideas for the price I wanted to pay. I actually ended up using a family wedding band passed down to me, but I do plan to get a matching band made in the next year or so. He definitely knows what he is doing and is very good at it. He is thorough and very informative! After weight loss, I needed to bring my ring down a size, so he sized it for $30. I thought he would put a small ball or piece of gold in the ring to make it fit smaller, but to my surprise he actually cut it and put it back together like it was never even sized! I am so pleasantly surprised with my ring, and I plan to use Oceanside Jewelers for as long as I’m in California.