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“A Master Jeweler Crafts”

Carlsbad Lifestyle Magazine, December 2016 by Claudia Piepenburg

“Master Jeweler Chad Elliott is creating art – not on canvas with oils, but with precious metals and stones….”

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Feature Friday – Stuller Weekly Blog

Chad Elliott profiled in major industry blog   “We are jeweler owned and operated, providing a unique experience where we work very closely with the customer in designing a piece. We start with raw ideas and then build those concepts into sketches and notes”

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“Downtown Jeweler Specializes in the Unusual.”

Main Street Oceanside Magazine, July 2014 by Lola Sherman.

Chad Elliott and Oceanside Jewelers were recently featured as a Business Spotlight in Main Street Oceanside Summer Magazine! 

“…At his store, Chad Elliott can show dis portfolios and catalogues with various designs, and he and the customer “really work together at the price the want and scale the idea to fit the customer’s budget”….

The Other ‘Military Spending’ DEFENSE:
Sailors’, Marines’ Salaries Help Support Local Business
San Diego Business Journal, Nov. 2012 by Brad Graves 

…Chad Elliott of Oceanside Jewelers recently had to go to the City Council to get permission to add pawn shop services. Elliott said a nearby business got rights to runa pawn shop and he wanted to be able to do the same thing.  Some 30-40 percent of his business comes from military and military families, Elliott said.  One business in downtown…

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 Jewelry Store Gets Approval To Loan Cash For Gems, Gold   Union Tribune San Diego, Oct. 20, 2012 by Ray Huard

Oceanside — When is a pawnshop not a pawnshop?  That’s something Chad Elliott Coogan and Cara Coogan hope to demonstrate at Oceanside Jewelers in the heart of downtown Oceanside.  The City Council in a 4-1 vote this week approved a permit to allow Oceanside Jewelers at 222 N. Coast Highway to loan cash for jewelry, watches, diamonds and other gems, gold, silver coins and bullion.

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“Oceanside Jewelers… …able to offer loans on jewelry and related items…”  

North County Times, Oct. 19, 2012, by Ray Huard

…up for review Wednesday was a request by a downtown Oceanside jewelry store to run part of its business as a pawn shop.  Oceanside Jewelers at 222 N. Coast Highway would be the second pawn business to open downtown in two years. In 2010, Coast Jewelry & More opened as a pawn shop at 205 N. Coast Highway.

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North County Times, Oct. 13, 2012, by Ray Huard   

A downtown Oceanside jewelry store could run part of its business as a pawn shop under a proposal going before the City Council on Wednesday. Oceanside Jewelers at 222 North Coast Highway would become the second pawn shop to open downtown. The first, Coast Jewelry & More, opened a pawn shop in 2010 at 205 North Coast Highway across the street from Oceanside Jewelers after the City Council approved a permit on a 4-1 vote.

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Local Business Owner Seeks Community Support   
Camp Pendleton Patch, October 11, 2012, By Daniel Woolfolk

Chad Elliott Coogan, owner of Oceanside Jewelers, is seeking the community’s support in obtaining a change of business description from the Oceanside City Council.  Chad Elliott Coogan, owner of Oceanside Jewelers, is seeking the community’s support before the Oct. 17 Oceanside City Council meeting. He hopes residents can show up at the meeting or send the accompanying letter to members of the City Council.

The Gold-Bugs Bite   Sky Rocketing Price of Precious Metal Forces Jewelers to Adapt    North County Times, June 13, 2010, by Eric Wolff

Gold jewelry is melted down at Oceanside Jewelers on Friday. Owner Chad Elliott says he purchases gold jewelry, takes it apart, sets gems aside for stock, and then melts down the gold on the premises. (Photo by Bill Wechter – Staff photographer)

Region — …Chad Elliott of Oceanside Jewelers wont switch materials. “I am a jeweler who works in gold and platinum, so that is my product,” he said. He finances his suddenly expensive raw material through a barter system.  He buys gold jewelry, takes it apart, sets the gemstones aside for stock then melts down the gold on his premises.  He keeps some of the stock on hand for repairs, but because it still has impurities, he doesn’t like to use it for new products.  Instead, he takes…

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RETAIL: Jewelers coping with gold-bugs’ bite

North County Times, June 13, 2010