Quartz AmethystEndless Variety and Color


   Quartz is made up of the two most abundant elements on earth; silicon and oxygen. As a result, quartz is found just about everywhere on the planet. From the sand on the beach to the mountain tops. There are several types of quartz. All quartz is broken down into three categories. The first category is large single or twinned crystals like amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz. The second type of quartz is microcrystalline. This type of quartz is made up of small crystals that aren’t quite microscopic like aventurine, tiger eye and hawks eye. The third the third category is cryptocrystalline. This type of quartz is made up of microscopic crystals and includes stones like onyx, agate and chrysoprase. 


Major Types of Quartz:

 Amethyst   Citrine   Ametrine   Smoky Quartz   Rose Quartz



        Sapphire      Ruby      Emerald      Garnet      Quartz      Tanzanite




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