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The most important thing to consider when buying sapphire jewelry or loose sapphire is the sapphires color. Color has historically been the most important factor in the price of any colored gemstone.  The second most important thing to consider when you buy blue sapphire or blue sapphire jewelry is its clarity. For the most part it is best for a sapphire to be free of inclusions and imperfections meaning you can’t see anything “floating” in the sapphire. In the case of some fine sapphires, Kashmir sapphires in particular there can be very fine inclusions too small to see with the naked eye spread throughout the sapphire. In the finest examples of this type of sapphire these microscopic inclusions create a “velvety” appearance. These types of sapphire are highly sought after and can command top dollar.

Being an extremely durable gemstone which is rich in history and color blue sapphire makes an excellent choice for use in everyday jewelry. Available in beautifully cut matched sets this gemstone is perfect for blue sapphire earrings, bracelets, pendants or necklaces, but due to its durability it makes an ideal gemstone for sapphire rings.   For more information on sapphires and sapphire jewelry come see us at to Oceanside jewelers.

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