Emerald Sources

Emeralds are mined in several locations. The most notable sources of emeralds are Colombia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Columbia has long been regarded as the source of the finest emeralds in the world. Although Columbia produces many of the worlds fine emeralds it is important to note that every mine produces emeralds in a range of qualities and just because an emerald was mined in Columbia doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of high quality. Fine  emeralds from Columbia often sell at a premium. Trapiche emeralds were initially found in Columbia. Trapiche emeralds are emeralds that have six rays coming off of a hexagonal inclusion at the center of an emerald crystal. Tarpiche emeralds are most often cut into cabochons rather than faceted emeralds in order to emphasize these unique inclusions. Emeralds have been mined in Columbia for centuries and Columbia remains an important source of emeralds to this day. Zambia also produces many high quality emeralds. Emeralds from Zambia are typically darker and more bluish than emeralds from Columbia. Though a slight tint of blue can be considered a positive thing if an emerald has too much of a blue modifier to the color it can make the emerald less valuable. Commercial production of emeralds in Zambia began in 1967. Emeralds from Brazil  are typically lighter in color than emeralds from other locations and tend to be bluish. Most of the emeralds from brazil are commercial quality and are used primarily in production goods.  Emeralds from Zimbabwe tend small but have vivid well saturated color. Larger emeralds from Zimbabwe are very rare and tend to be a bit darker than is desired. Emeralds from sources in Africa tend to be less fractured than emeralds from other locations making them a bit more durable. 

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