…a Rainbow of Colors…

Garnet has been used in jewelry for centuries. It even adorned jewelry from ancient Egypt and still remains extremely popular in jewelry today. Its great variation of color and its general affordability add to its popularity. There are two main types of garnet and those two types of garnet are broken down into several other sub-categories based upon what causes the color of a specific garnet. The two types of garnet differ in that one contains aluminum in its chemical structure and the other type of garnet contains calcium in its chemical structure. Pyrope garnet, Almandite garnet, Rhodolite garnet, Spessartite garnet, and Malaya garnet all contain aluminum. These garnets tend to be more common in the jewelry market then garnets containing calcium. Tsavorite garnet, Demantoid garnet and Hessonite garnet contain calcium. These less common garnets are no less beautiful and in many cases much more precious and valuable than their aluminum containing cousins. Most people think of garnet as a red gemstone. That is true many garnets are red and may come in reds that can even rival that of fine ruby.  However, garnet comes in many other colors. Garnet comes in greens that rival the finest emeralds. Garnet also comes in vibrant pink, purple, yellow and orange. There are many major sources for each type of garnet, as well as an ideal range of color for each type of garnet. The type and color of a garnet are just some of the factors associated with its value and its use in jewelry.

Color varieties: Pyrope, Almandite, Rhodolite, Spessartitie, Mayala, Tsavorite, Demantoid, Hessonite.