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Custom Gold Jewelry Design in Carlsbad

Custom Gold Jewelry Design in Carlsbad

Human beings have always cherished and valued gold, and its easy to imagine why. It’s not the only rare metal, but it one of the most naturally beautiful, with characteristic deep lusterous yellow, and soft heavy feel. Coincidentally, gold is also one of the most workable metals, it is soft, extremely ductile, and has a low melting point. It’s no suprise then that goldsmithing is one of the oldest arts practiced by humanity, with the first known lost wax casting dating all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. 

Gold jewelry design is a craft that requires a great deal of both creative and technical skill, precise measurement and an eye for detail. Master Jeweler Chad Elliott has developed all of these qualities over the course of decades working as a bench jeweler. From helping in a local jewelry shop as a kid to runing a full production staff, Chad has developed every skill associated with jewelry design and fabrication, from wax modelling, casting, hand engraving, stone setting, and all manner of jewelry repairs and restorations.

Unlike big retail stores chock full of showcases, salespeople, and jewelry mass produced overseas, when you order a custom piece with Oceanside Jewelers, you’re dealing with the same person that makes your jewelry from start to finish. From initial countertop sketches of your concept to final setting and polishing, we do all of our jewelry work in-store, meaning your input is considered at every stage of the job. The result is exactly the design you imagined made to the highest quality of jewelry craftsmanship.

Many people initially think that having a piece of jewelry made from scratch is an expensive endeavor, however suprisingly many customers find our prices reasonable or even less expensive than a big retail store. By comparison, many large jewelry stores carry a high overhead – rent in a mall location, a full sales staff, and a hefty advertising budget. As a result the percentage of your price price tag that’s devoted to the actual piece of jewelry is relatively small. We find that even when making making a piece of jewelry, our total cost remains competitive, and the cost of your jewelry goes directly to the local business that made it!

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Five Star Review Review
On Yelp “Chad custom made a wedding band to match my wife’s engagement ring. It turned out fantastic, and she loves it. He was knowledgeable and willing to provide information about an area that we had little experience in. The other thing I really liked about him was that he was not a pushy salesman like you find at a lot of the other stores down in Old Town and Downtown San Diego. Oceanside Jewelers is a gem in Oceanside.”