5 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Engagement Ring

Are you worried about ruining your engagement ring? This ring is a testament to your love and bond with another person, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to keep it in good condition forever.

The fact is that no matter how diligent you are, normal wear and tear takes its toll on jewelry.

That’s why we’ve collected the top signs that signify when it’s time to take your beautiful engagement ring to a professional jewelry repair company. Keep reading to stay informed!

1. Damaged Prongs

Many diamond engagement rings use prongs to keep those lustrous gemstones in place. The problem is that those prongs are thin which makes it easy for them to get bent out of shape. Sometimes they’ll even fall off the base of the ring entirely.

If you notice damage on the prongs of your ring, it’s time to take it to a repair shop before you lose those beautiful gemstones!

2. Missing Gemstones

Sometimes we notice damaged prongs too late and those gems are already gone. This is more likely with engagement rings for women, as the prongs are often made of thinner metal.

The good news is that there’s no need to panic.

Take the ring to a jewelry repair company and they’ll replace those gemstones without any trouble at all.

3. Deep Scratches

Some metals, such as rose gold engagement rings, are more susceptible to scratches than other materials. Over time, your ring suffers from minute scratches as you wear it throughout the day.

When your ring gets dented or receives a deep scratch, then the damage is far more noticeable. This kind of damage is one of the biggest signs that it’s time for a repair!

4. Discoloration

All white gold rings, including unique engagement rings, are prone to discoloration if you don’t keep up with ring maintenance. The places where the metal comes into contact with door handles etc are a common spot for the rhodium plating to wear off.

Some softer metals are more at risk for turning different colors when they come into contact with certain chemicals as well. Often this is a temporary problem, but sometimes that color change is permanent.

If your ring doesn’t have its old luster and color, it’s time to take it to get repaired!

5. Slips off Your Finger

A ring that doesn’t fit right is a risky accessory. Sooner or later, the ring will slip off when you don’t notice and you’ll lose it without any clues on how to find it. It’s a terrible way to lose something that means so much to you.

Take the ring to a jeweler to get it refitted right away so that you can wear it with confidence once again!

Keep Your Engagement Ring Looking Beautiful

By inspecting your engagement ring every once in a while, you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to catching those tell-tale signs of damage. As soon as you spot something, make sure to act fast so that the damage doesn’t get worse.

It’s the best way to keep your ring looking as good as new for many years to come!

For all your jewelry needs, contact us today!

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