A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Engagement Rings

Over 80% of brides in the United States gravitate toward diamonds when choosing an engagement ring. While the right diamond is important, it isn’t the only consideration when buying engagement rings. 

In this article, we discuss the different types of engagement rings and how to choose the best engagement rings for yourself or your partner. We also discuss, ‘what is an engagement ring,’ and the symbolism behind the practice, so continue reading.

What Is an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is a symbol of a person’s relationship in Western cultures. It signifies that they are soon to be married to another person. The ring is often a gift from the person’s soon-to-be spouse.

The different types of engagement rings come with their unique arrangement of diamonds. Each diamond has different cuts, colors, levels of clarity, and carats. Choosing an engagement ring is a matter of personal preference and doesn’t affect its symbolism. 

Solitaire Diamond Rings

First on our engagement ring buying guide are solitaire engagement rings. These are among the most popular styles of engagement rings due to their understated elegance and timelessness.

These are the best engagement rings for those wanting one diamond as the center of attention. Other surrounding diamonds can sometimes detract from the size or brilliance of the central diamond which is why some prefer this style.

Bezel Setting Rings

While bezel-style diamond rings are popular for diamond wedding bands, they also make for beautiful engagement rings. With this style of ring, the edges of the diamond are completely surrounded by a metal rim.

This is an ideal style for someone wanting extra protection around their diamond or if they prefer the sleek look. These rings are often easier to clean and care for as well. 

Halo Rings

When choosing an engagement ring, you can’t go wrong with a halo ring. This is a similar style to the solitaire engagement ring but with a bit more sparkle. The extra sparkle comes from a series of smaller diamonds.

These additional diamonds encircle the larger central diamond. These are the best engagement rings for those wanting a mainly simple style but with a little more detail. 

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings are among the most popular types of engagement rings. As their name suggests, they are a series of three stones. These stones can be of equal size but some prefer that they vary in size. 

While it’s most common for the three stones to all be diamonds, some styles offer one center diamond and two different gems such as sapphires or pearls. These are a great option for someone wanting more than one large diamond. 

Find the Right Types of Engagement Rings

Choosing among the different types of engagement rings is difficult, especially if you want the perfect engagement ring. If you start by asking the question, ‘what is an engagement ring,’ and taking the time to invest in the ring’s symbolism it will make it much more meaningful.

If you’re ready to find the best engagement rings, shop our selection today. 

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