Forever Forged: A Closer Look at Matching Wedding Bands

A successful marriage encompasses many things. Love, respect, selflessness, listening, and empathy are among some of the most important. But the single most important key to a quality marriage is likely commitment.

Matching wedding bands are a perfect way to symbolize how committed you are to your partner. Read on to learn some tips for wedding band designs you will love.

Make It Meaningful

Custom wedding band designs are ideal because you can make the style relevant to yourself and your partner. Engraving your initials inside the band is a great choice, as is putting the date of your anniversary there. You also could engrave a quote or phrase that means something to you into the band – there are no limits.

Consider getting floral accents to match the blooms of your wedding. Stones representing both partner’s eye colors also are a great way to bring you together. Coordinates where you met are another great thing to incorporate in ring design.

The possibilities are limitless, so keep an open mind and do some research.

Choose a Quality Material

High-quality materials are essential when buying a wedding ring. If your ring is low-end, you may wind up with chipped stones or flaking metal. Water damage and excessive tarnish are also problematic for bands meant to last a lifetime.

Real gold and silver rings are critical for longevity. Lab-grown diamonds are extremely durable, as are other engineered stones like topaz and rubies. Make sure that you’re buying from a reputable retailer like Oceanside so that the rings last forever.

Match Other Pieces

If one partner wears other jewelry frequently, it’s important to match the bulk of their other pieces. A wedding ring that clashes with a watch you wear daily can look odd. So can a ring with hues that look awkward with other meaningful rings, bracelets, or earrings.

Consider other pieces when designing a custom wedding band. Since you’ll both likely wear this every day, you need to design something that suits every occasion.

This also may mean opting for subtlety. Something small and elegant won’t clash with almost anything, so it’s a great option for those making a dream ring.

Communicate and Choose Together

Engagement rings are a beautiful surprise when popping the question to a partner. However, wedding bands should be a collaborative effort. If you’re trying to match, you need a style that you’re both proud and excited to wear every day.

Choosing wedding bands together is a great way to start your marriage. You can have fun playing with ring design tips and creating something meaningful for both parties. Custom wedding rings aren’t just symbolic but also show what beauty you can create when working together.

Get Expert Design Help for Matching Wedding Bands

Now that you know how to choose the perfect matching wedding bands for yourself and your partner, it’s time to get started. Our team is excited to help you design the perfect custom jewelry to represent your love and commitment. Contact Oceanside Jewelers to learn more about the wedding band options available to you.

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