From the Rough, Opal Engagement Ring

Opal Ring finished

Another custom piece rolled out of the shop this week! This time our client brought us a rough opal that she mined herself on vacation, and asked us to incorporate it as the centerpiece of her engagement ring! After hand shaping the rough opal, we made a custom CAD model to match the specifications of the finished stone, cast it in 14k white gold , and set it with diamonds around the opal. the result was unique wedding ring with an even more unique story. And our client couldn’t believe the piece we gave her was the same rough that she handed us!

for more info, check out our custom designs page!

2 thoughts on “From the Rough, Opal Engagement Ring

  1. Deborah McCaughn says:

    Love Ethiopia opals; this ring setting; lovely, n the woman has story behind the making of ring. I have few to set my self.
    Great peice.

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