Hypoallergenic White Gold

Sapphire Gallium Ring

Approximately 10% – 15% of the general population have nickel allergies, which can cause symptoms of redness and irritation on contact with skin. In addition white gold, which has become the overwhelmingly preferred alloy of contemporary brides, gets its white color from nickel and rhodium. So what is one to do when faced with a nickel allergy? Fortunately, alternative alloys exist that have less or no nickel. For those with minor allergies, sometimes going with 18k white gold, which has a higher gold to nickel ratio, will do the trick. For more severe allergies, white gold alloys that utilize platinum or palladium are an excellent alternative. As a bench jeweler and a retailer, we have the ability to tailor our alloys to match our customer’s needs without comprising design, like this beautiful sapphire engagement ring made with a palladium gold alloy.

For more information, check out our custom jewelry page! 

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