Night and Day Antique Ring Restoration

Sometimes it seems like Chad is able to pull off miracles on the jeweler’s bench. This time a customer brought in an antique white gold setting, which had seen years of serious wear. The shank (band) was worn severely thin to the point of breaking through on the bottom. The shoulders and bridgework connecting the center setting to the shoulders also were severely damaged. The whole ring was in desperate need of polishing and refinishing.

Chad pulled this one off in spades Рhe completely rebuilt the band, seamlessly connecting it to setting work on top. Then he delicately filled in the holes in the bridgework,  and re-set the center with a larger single diamond. After polishing and rhodium plating, the ring looks absolutely pristine! Yet all of the delicate antique milgrain and accents were preserved, even after such intensive reconstruction. One of the most satifying aspects of working in a craft such as jewelry is seeing jobs like this turn out so well. Cheers to a job well done!

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