Precious Medicine



 Ci-Xi, the second to last empress of China. She was renowned for her perfect complexion, and attributed it to powdered pearl medicine.

Pearls have long been valued for their beauty, being the only gemstone that comes in its finished state out of the oyster. However, in addition to being used for jewelry and adornment, pearls have a long history as a dietary and health supplement. The Chinese have used pearls in this manner for thousands of years, both whole and grounded into a powder. It was believed that pearls were a panacea and promoted youth, vitality, and beauty.

In reality, pearls contain Pearls are made up mainly of calcium carbonate(CaC03), 84-92%, 4 to 13% other substances, and 3-4% water. Today they are still used as a dietary supplement and as an antacid. Also, calcium manganese carbonate is a widely-used heart medicine. The founder of the cultured pearl industry, Mikimoto, stated, “I owe my fine health and long life to the two pearls I have swallowed every morning of my life since I was twenty.” He lived to be 96 years of age.

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