Rolex Air-King

Air King Before After 2 copyAir King Before After copy

The Rolex Air-King is one of the longest running models in the company’s history. The story of the watch begins during WWII, when Rolex produced its SpeedKing model for British RAF pilots. When the war drew to a close, Rolex chose to honor the pilots by creating a new watch line inspired by the SpeedKing that was so popular with servicemen. The new watches were dubbed the Air-Lion, Air-Giant, Air-Tiger, and the only model to stand the test of time, the Air-King.

For a long time the Air-King remained one of Rolex’s flagship models, celebrated for its simplicity and beauty. Because of this, the Air-King enjoyed an almost 70 year run, and was finally retired in 2014. Recently, we  acquired 1950’s era Air-King in the store, and performed a full restoration.A historical treat to work on, we lovingly took decades of hard wear and scratching off the case, band, and crystal, revealing the timeless beauty of the watch, and sent it out the door ready for 60 more years.  A true classic!

For more information, check out our watch restoration, repair and refinishing services page!

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