Selling Your Diamond With Us!


Jewelry Appraisal Services

Selling a diamond can be just as complicated, if not more, than buying one. However, we at Oceanisde Jewelers do our best to make the process, simple, straightforward, and friendly. First and foremost, unlike many jewelry buyers, all of our diamonds are inspected on-site by our gemologist, who recieved his accredidation at GIA, the most respected grading house in the industry. This allows us to make you an offer based on the specific qualities of your stone, rather than giving a low blanket number. We also take into consideration any grading reports you may have on your stone, and often pay a premium on GIA graded diamonds!

If you’re considering selling your diamonds or having them appraised for resale, stop by the friendly professionals at Oceanside Jewelers, and let us make your our best offer!

for more info, check out our diamond buying page!



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