The Project Files #3 – Hand Built Sapphire Ring

Landry Sapp RingWanted to showcase another beautiful project that just rolled out of the shop this week. This time, we had a client come in with two beautiful blue sapphiresthat she wanted to make into a ring. As she was looking for a sturdier, robust, and minimal design, Chad suggesting constructing a hand-built ring. Rather than going the usual route with lost wax casting, Chad constructed this ring by hand, extruding a piece of thick white gold wire and wrapping around into a circle to form a band. As opposed to casting, the extrusion packs the molecules densely, making a heavy and sturdy feeling ring. Instead of high polishing, our client opted for a rustic “Mediterranean” finish, complementing the design. Sometimes in jewelry its best to get back to basics, and this beautiful ring exemplifies the virtues of good ol’fashioned   handcrafted jewelry.

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