What Makes Fine Jewelry a Better Purchase Than Fashion Jewelry?

It’s that time again. You’re starting to crave a new shiny and sparkly piece of jewelry to add to your collection. Whether you’ve seen something from a local jeweler or you’ve gotten inspired by someone on the street with a shiny necklace or ring, you know you can’t resist the siren song of fresh accessories. 

But what should you buy? Is it time to go pick up some affordable pieces from your local big-box store? 

This time around, why not treat yourself to fine jewelry? Sure, there’s a time and place for cheap alternatives, but you deserve something nice.

Keep reading to learn why fine jewelry should be your next purchase.

It’s Timeless

How often have you seen high-quality classic jewelry pieces in antique stores and thought that they’d fit right in with today’s style? This is because fine jewelry is often timeless. It can stay with you forever and it will never be out of style.

When you buy fashion jewelry, you’re buying jewelry that will fit a specific trend (like fast fashion). That’s fine for your cheaper pieces that you won’t keep for a long time, but if you want something with longevity, you need something better. 

You can pass these pieces down to younger family members and they’ll still look on-trend. 

The Quality Shows

Every jewelry lover knows the difference between a cheap fashion piece and something that came from a fine jewelry shop. From a distance, you might not notice. Up close, though, the difference is clear.

When you use genuine gemstones, the cheaper CZ options pale in comparison (especially as the jewelry ages). Solid gold looks bright while plated jewelry starts to dull over time. 

When you buy fine jewelry, you know that other jewelry connoisseurs will be able to tell. 

It’s More Durable 

Fashion jewelry, as we mentioned, is meant to be trendy for a season or two. Like fast fashion, no one made it to be durable. When the trend passes, the jewelry breaks or loses its sparkle.

This is by design. 

While trendy fashion jewelry may be harder than fine jewelry (after all, gold is one of the softest metals), clasps often break, chains come unlinked, gemstones chip, and glue unsticks. 

Sure, you might spend less money on fashion jewelry at first, but how much do you spend when you’re replacing your pieces? Doesn’t it make more sense to buy one durable piece of jewelry that you can wear for years to come instead of replacing your jewelry every time it breaks? 

Bonus: if fine jewelry does break, you can take it to a jeweler to fix it. 

You Deserve Fine Jewelry

With all of this in mind, why wouldn’t you treat yourself to fine jewelry? Genuine gemstones and precious metals outshine their cheaper counterparts. You deserve to sparkle!

Is it time to find a new piece for your jewelry collection? At Oceanside Jewelers, we offer custom pieces to suit every style. Visit our shop to pick your new favorite accessory. 

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