Why Choose a Local Jeweler?

An engagement ring is more than gold and diamonds. It is a reflection of the unique relationship between you and the one person in the world you want to spend the rest of your life with. It represents the places you’ve been, where you are right now, and the future you share together. It’s easy to lose track beneath the sparkle and the shine, the carat weight and the gold purity, but  an engagement ring is first and foremost a symbol of one of the most important bonds in life.

Considering the meaning behind an engagement ring, it’s surprising how most of us shop for one. Many of us drive to the nearest mall, to one of hundreds of cookie cutter jewelry retailers, to be accosted salesperson and sold a commercial, mass produced ring made in a factory on the other side of the world along with thousands others just like it. Exit through the food court.

Sentimentality aside, there are a lot of good reasons to work with your local jeweler. First and foremost, the people selling your ring are the sames one that made it, and will be much more able to answer your questions regarding how the ring is put together, and the color and clarity of the stones in it. This also means that unlike a retailer, you’re not stuck with whatever’s  in the showcase. A jeweler will be able create a ring  that perfectly suits your considerations of style, quality, and budget.

However many people think that larger retailers are able to provide a better deal since they sell in higher volumes, more often than not, this is true. When you buy an engagement ring at a large retailer, most of what your paying for goes toward rent in an expensive mall, an army of salespeople, and an enormous television and radio advertising budget. When you purchase a ring with a local jeweler, most of your money goes towards materials and labor, resulting in a higher quality piece at a lower price.

At Oceanside Jewelers, we pride ourselves in making as well as selling our jewelry. We have a full time, graduate gemologist on staff, and all custom jewelry work is done by owner and master jeweler Chad Elliott. So if you’re in the researching engagement rings or ready to make the plunge, do yourself a favor and check in with the friendly experts at Oceanside Jewlers!

for more info, check out our custom design page!


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